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Updated: Oct 3, 2023


This is my first ever blog post. Woot, Woot! I've been trying to do this forever. (cue my friend, procrastination). Him and I hang out a lot! Please bear with me, I have no clue what I am doing. (LOL) I usually participate in this competition and this year isn't any different. I got to get those creative juices flowing and this contest is a fun one. Although, I have never won, I love to participate. This year I chose to go a different route and add a spook factor. I chose picture #9 (see below). It just drew me in, I cannot explain why. So intriguing and mysterious maybe. Well, here goes nothing. I hope you enjoy my entry. Much love, everyone!

9. Photo by Saliha Sevim on




“Where are we going?” I whisper as I tug mama’s hand.

The leaves crunch under our feet as the wind howls around us.

I feel mama shiver, but she keeps walking.

She never looks back, as we continue along the unpaved path.

“Hurry!” She finally says.

I try to keep up and stumble.

My little sister hangs on and has no choice.

But I do.

I stop and turn around.

I freeze.

“Ma…ma.” I stutter.

“What?” She barks as she whips around. “I told you not to...”

Standing before us, shadows… enclosing us…holding our gazes.

We are rooted.

We are surrounded.

Darkness envelopes us and my little sister starts to whimper.

Planning to run, I pull my hands free.

“Stop!” Mama yells.

I start to run, but I trip and fall.

A figure slithers beside me.

I try to scream, and feel my eyes get heavy and I succumb... to darkness.

“Wake up!” A voice shouts.

I feel rough hands grip my shoulders and shake.

My eyes flutter open to see my mother smiling at me.

I smile and tell myself to relax, but then my mother laughs manically.

“Now the fun begins!” She hisses.

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Oct 05, 2023

Now I want to know what’s next! Lol


Katherine Rea
Katherine Rea
Oct 02, 2023

I'm gonna have nightmares! 👀😱


Katie McEnaney
Katie McEnaney
Oct 02, 2023

Ack! Way to up the spook factor, for sure. And congrats on getting your blog going!


Tonnye Fletcher
Tonnye Fletcher
Oct 02, 2023

Wow, Thelia! You definitely went for a spooky vibe there! Well -done! It set my spine a tingling!


Chelsea DiCicco
Chelsea DiCicco
Oct 01, 2023

Love this creepy crawly fall story!

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